Hurricane Harvey may throw some peoples’ finances into chaos.

This is a natural disaster that may affect peoples’ finances in abnormal ways. Here are several important items that may help you or others you know get through this difficult time. Click on the links for more details.

Information for Now

  1. If you are forced to seek medical or dental attention and the provider imposes a penalty because you are out of the network that penalty should be waived if you are affected by the storm disaster.Communicate with your medical provider and your insurer concerning your status.
  2. If you have prescriptions that are due for renewal, however, a new insurance company approval is required, that requirement should be delayed for 90 days. Communicate with your insurer to clarify your status.
  3. If you are an employer and you have commercial vehicles that are participating in the storm relief effort, commercial insurance should extend to cover those vehicles during their relief activity.

Information for After the Storm

  1. If you are displaced because of the storm and your employer is still operational, contact them to let them know your status if you cannot make it into work.
  2. If you are forced to leave your home for an extended period, let your property insurer know and ask them to waive the occupancy requirement because of the disaster.
  3. If you experience a financial hardship and cannot make payments that are due, contact your creditor and let them know you will be delayed. If your area is part of that which is considered a natural disaster, delays should not affect your credit rating. It is important that you communicate with your creditors.
  4. If you have insurance renewals that change or increase and the change is attributed to your status as a storm victim that change is inappropriate. Contact your insurer to clarify the reason for any changes to your policy.
  5. If you have insurance premiums due and are unable to make payments because of a hardship from the current disaster, insurers have been encouraged to allow extra time to pay. It is important to communicate with your insurer and let them know your status.

The key to making it through this difficult time is communication. 

There are a lot of people that are eager to help. However, be aware that there are also unscrupulous people that may attempt to take advantage of your situation. If you have an issue that is related to insurance coverage, call your agent or insurance company. If you cannot get the answer you need you can turn to the Texas Department of Insurance.

Posted by: Van Richards

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