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September 2016

Securing the American Dream

Steven and Ngoc Anh Tang left Vietnam to pursue the American dream: They wanted their children, Jimmy and Nancy, to have a better life. The elder Tangs were responsible and honorable parents.  They knew they wanted to secure a future for their children. However, they needed guidance to assure their dreams would come true.  With the direction of an experienced insurance professional, they were able to make plans for their future and make plans for the welfare of their children if the worst happened.  The couple purchased permanent life insurance for both Steven, who worked for an hourly wage, and for Ngoc Anh, who was mainly a stay-at-home mom.

It was on a trip with her mom and sister that Ngoc Anh was involved in a car accident. Her life-threatening injuries meant she was in and out of the hospital, but because her policy had a disability waiver of premium, she no longer had to pay for the policy. However, Ngoc Anh never fully recovered, and later died of a stroke. Again, her life insurance policy came through. Their insurance professional had advised the Tangs to get an accidental death rider, and because Ngoc Anh’s heart condition was a result of the accident, the family was entitled to double the original amount of the policy.

Now that he was a single father, Mr. Tang’s insurance professional encouraged him to get additional life insurance to protect his children, which he did. Unfortunately, tragedy struck just three years after his wife had passed away. Mr. Tang learned he had liver cancer and died soon after his diagnosis. Nancy, a senior in high school, and Jimmy, who had graduated from college, were now on their own.

Thankfully, the Tang’s insurance professional and the money from the life insurance were there to shepherd the children on their way. Nancy is now attending college, and the siblings have bought a house near campus so Jimmy can help his sister as they start a new chapter in their lives. They credit life insurance for that opportunity. “It’s vital for parents to have life insurance,” says Jimmy. “It means if you do die, your loved ones can go on without worrying about money while they get back on their feet.”

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Love Insurance

If you have a business with a partner and/or you are a physically disabled business person, you can learn something from Christy and Daryel Dunaway.  Their story is one of love, commitment, and understanding.  Their love story began as a friendship and stayed that way for more than a decade until, as Christy says, “I understood that love was about having someone who loves you as you are—heart and soul.”

Daryel also knew at a deep level that he needed to protect his love for Christy on a financial level, as well as an emotional one. He and his friend John had started a business together, Handicapable Vans, which adapts vehicles for people with disabilities. It is something both men knew about from firsthand experience. Daryel had become paralyzed from the chest down in a diving accident at 15; John was a quadriplegic as well.

The partners arranged legally for the business to pass to the other if one were to die with a buy-sell agreement.  However, Daryel knew he also needed to ensure his wife would be taken care of financially. You might not believe insurance is available for a quadriplegic yet with the help of an experienced insurance professional, Daryel got the life insurance he needed and made sure he increased it as his business grew.

It was fortunate that both men were so adamant about getting—and increasing—that coverage. Daryel faced his life with joy and optimism, despite his physical limitations, but it was eventually his body’s inability to shake off a series of infections that took his life at 57.

Christy was overwhelmed with grief in the wake of his death. She credits Daryel’s life insurance with giving her time to grieve and then being able to move on with her life. “It meant I didn’t have to sell our home, which we had adapted to meet our needs,” says Christy. Also, she has opened her consulting firm, which had been a joint goal for the couple. “Life insurance has allowed me to take action on our dream,” she says.

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